Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Social sterility...

I understand people who don't like to vote or refuse to for whatever reason.

Part of me gets it; that despite who's turning the crank, the wheel keeps spinning no matter what and that the actions of people in high-office don't really change your daily life too much. Not enough for some people to care or even sometimes to notice. After all, true anarchy is everywhere and a law in some book isn't going to stop someone from doing what they want.

But another part of me wants to infect those people with some deliciously debilitating disease and then talk about health care while they uncontrollably shit out their lungs.

There is a bigger picture to voting and sometimes it's not about how great one leader will be, it's about how bad the other ones are. It's also about shaping the direction of your country, your neighbourhood and taking some responsibility for the world around you.

Stick around for ten minutes and watch my second favourite Aussie. Even though he's talking about the American election, it applies to every democratic election. He's right. And he swears almost as much as I do.

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James Bowie said...

You think NAFTA doesn't affect the daily lives of truckers? How about a debate on abortion under Campbell or capital punishment? These things affect the daily lives of the majority.

A plan for national Quebec-style childcare is defeated. That affects employers whose workforce can't afford to leave home to come to the office. It affects parents.

A plan to implement a national anti-poverty plan for Canada's First Nations Reserves is defeated. But you don't think that affects the daily lives of aboriginals on reserve?

You call it 'high office" and you say it doesn't "really change your daily life too much? You must not use a bank, because Stephen Harper just provided a massive bailout to help continue regular operations.

Do you have any debts? Do interest rates affect that debt at all?

"Part of you gets it?" You're a good guy Evil, but none of me gets it. Maybe someday you'll explain to me the virtues of not voting.

Over beer. Possibly sushi. A haha, sushi...